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What is MYGPPoints ?

 MyGPPoints  are points you can collect points from Meli Imako items (more like a voucher) and from harvesting growing plants here

There are 3 types of points Beauty points, Wood points, Food points. Different products give different points.

I received a convert points box with my dress purchase, what do I do with that?

You can touch on it and select convert points. If you are not previously registered it will register you and update your points and will direct you to your account web page. If you are already registered it will update your points to your existing account and will direct you to your account

How can I convert my harvested plants points?

 When you harvest or crop your plants, you will also receive a convert points box. You can follow the above stage to convert your points.

If I don’t have enough points to buy something how can I top it up?

Convert points boxes are transferable, you can transfer it to others or someone else can transfer it to you. This is one way. Another way is to click buy points on homepage and follow instructions to buy more points. 

If I have any problem how do I contact for support?

 In case of any problem please IM Meli Imako in SL